Monday, April 8, 2013

Ideas to fill in gaps

The early days of a blog are always easy-- you're filled with ideas on what to write about and how to get it all out there.  After all, why start a blog if you don't have something to say? The ensuing problems often lie in two areas: 1. Not having enough material once that initial spurt dries up, and 2. Burnout from trying to stick to it.  I don't think I'll experience the latter anytime soon the way I did years ago with Simply Drew.  But the former is something that is occasionally striking me.

I like writing every day.  It keeps my journalistic skills sharp, and forces me to be creative.  And frankly, I enjoy it.  I feel like I do it well.  But not always is there anything worth writing about.

So, I'm tossing around a few ideas.  Perhaps something on my favorite pieces in my collection and the story on how I got them-- maybe call it Throwback Thursday.  I'm also thinking about interviewing and doing profiles on other collectors I've worked and traded with over the years (I can already think of four right off the bat for this).  I've already dispensed with any major pieces of advice I have, and unfortunately can't provide recaps every day since I only get out hounding a couple times a week.  I haven't sent any TTM's either, and probably won't until I get a PO Box set up here.

Readers, what other ideas do you have?  Leave them in a comment!

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