Monday, April 29, 2013

Successes and failures

My first batch of eBay sales has netted me $100 toward the guitar fund.  I also got $50 from my dad for my birthday so that goes into it too.  So right now, I could get the cheap one, but I think I'll wait.  If $150 came this quickly, it shouldn't take long to get to $450 or more, I'm hoping.  I put up a few higher-end items recently, and still have a couple more medium-level ones to list.  And that in the guitar fund is without taking any of the money from working overtime.

Speaking of working overtime, the job is going very well.  I've gotten to pick photos for a few hockey sets along with ID'ing basketball game photos and reviewing some basketball, football, and hockey sets.  Been doing weeks of about 50 hours or so.  I might get some extra time in this Saturday too, if I feel like going in before hounding the Rangers and Red Sox.  I feel like I should since I'll be ducking out at 4 tomorrow instead of my usual 5 to 5:30.  But I'll probably be there until 6 Wednesday through Friday to make up for that.

Unfortunately, the successes do come with two failures.  Due to some miscommunication, the band I was hoping to join fell through.  I thought they had a drum set, they thought I had one.  So, no luck there.  But that may be for the best.  I don't want to spread myself too thin, and having the job, the wife two hours away, and my 'graphing, the band would be fourth on my list of priorities.  Probably not good.

I also tried to find the White Sox hotel without luck.  Called the two main ones nearby, nothing.  Drove by, no sign of anyone.  A friend tells me they might be in Grapevine, Fort Worth, or possibly Irving.  I'm not driving that far.

I also missed out on Greg Maddux.  Apparently he's in Frisco tonight with the Rough Riders.  But that's a drive all the way to the other side of Dallas.  Not happening, at least not tonight since I found out about it at 5:30.  I do need to look into going to some games in Frisco, Fort Worth, and Grand Prairie.  Probably will try to go on nights when they play teams whose coaching staves (the appropriate plural of "staff," for the record) have multiple former MLB players.

That being said, I will be at the Rangers-White Sox game tomorrow.  So at least I might get a few there.  Worst case scenario, no one signs, or everyone that I don't have cards for signs; but at least I'm going to the ballgame and getting the free blanket, so it's all good.

Need to start prepping the alumni notebook as well.  So it's off to Walmart for photo corners and a notebook!

Oh yeah, before I go, Corey Mansfield got back a pretty nice TTM response.  Go check it out!

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