Friday, May 24, 2013

A cancellation

I decided I'm not going to go for Jose Canseco on Saturday or Sunday in Fort Worth.  After reading a few posts on TAC, it just seems like it might not be worth it to try.  Here are a few of the comments...

"Well if last night was any indication, he did not seem to be that pleasant of a person. That being said, he was hounded by reporters all night due to the rape allegations so I am sure he had a lot on his mind."

"I won't ever waste my time on him again. He lied to me 3 times."

"He signed everything in blue Sharpie, he wouldn't change pens. He tried to skip over the people that had been there the longest. Called out a guy for helping his friend get a photo signed. He wasn't friendly at all. He said he would comeback later. Did he? No! Another lie to his fans. He snuck out the back without signing anymore. I had to jump seats and all kinds of moving around just to get mine. Had to be a little more aggressive than I like to be. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten it. He tried his best to skip a few of us."

I wouldn't mind if everyone just signed in blue Sharpie, but I do understand the frustration for those getting something other than cards and photos signed.  After all, had he picked up just a black Sharpie, or a ball point, or a silver paint pen and did everything with it, I'd be cringing quite a bit.

So Jose is a no-go.  Besides, my wife is in town for the weekend and I'd rather go do things with her than have only a chance at maybe getting Canseco to sign for me.  And now I'll have time and money to hit the card store and search for a couple players I need.


  1. Take what you read on TAC with a grain of salt. Lots of them will flat out lie to keep crowds down.

  2. Normally I would be a bit skeptical about anything there, but the long quote is from a guy I trust and hasn't done me wrong before. I've verified a few pieces of info he's posted so I trust him for the most part.