Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Greed TTM

I make it a point that I never send more than six items to a player.  I only send more than 3 usually if I know the player signs that many.  And usually if I send 4 or more, I'll tell the player to keep a few if he wants to.

Check out this guy.

I do at least hope Steve Duchene knows that not everyone getting autographs via mail is looking to sell them.  But I'd assume someone sending 22 cards with a Post-It note "letter" probably is.  In Jaromir Jagr's autobiography, he mentions once getting four envelopes, each with four cards, and each with a quarter of the same piece of ripped paper, reading simply "Please sign."  He signed one and sent the other 15 back unsigned.

Hmm... I have 120 Matt Williams cards... Nah, better not.

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