Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some housekeeping, and a call for your ideas

With a busy week ahead, I'm not going to have a Wednesday Friendsday this coming week.  I'm going to all three Rangers-Indians games (Monday through Wednesday) so I hopefully will have a long report (and probably a long day at work and a large dinner of Vietnamese food) on Thursday.  Anything Can Happen Thursday will also be pushed back to June 20.

Also, a correction. After finding a mislabeling leading to six previously unaccounted-for cards, it was actually Rangers' manager Ron Washington who signed baseball card #1000 in my collection on Sunday morning rather than Royals' manager Ned Yost.  Texas Graphing Chronicles regrets the error.  Or something.

This weekend, I plan on going out card buying in preparation for the Indians, Reds, Mariners, Astros, and Orioles.  Basically the next month and a half of hounding.  I already ordered from SportLots for the Blue Jays and A's.  Indians too, but I don't think they're going to get here in time.  Fortunately, I shouldn't miss too many-- I have almost everyone here fortunately.  And maybe I can find the ones I'm lacking this weekend.

Lastly, readers, I'd also like to ask you for your input.  What would you like to see more of here on TGC?  What would you like to see less of?  Leave a comment on this post with any requests or ideas you may have for future postings.

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