Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hounding Report: Seattle Mariners, July 2

If it hadn't been for Fedora Night at the Ballpark, I probably wouldn't have gone.  I did well enough with the Mariners a few months back and while I don't pass up free autographs, it wasn't at the top of my Must See Games list.  I also re-stocked on a few players, so I figured I might as well try to knock a few out.

Overall, I would have been fine with not going, or at least working a little extra since I won't get any OT tomorrow.  The signing was pretty limited-- Tom Wilhelmsen actually said no to us!

Jaime Navarro was the first one I got, signing all three cards I had.  He's always been a great signer, so I figured he would be an automatic.  Which is great, as I probably have another 20 cards of him.  Jeremy Bonderman was next, signing one-per for everyone.  Good to see him back in the majors for sure.  I got him on another 2004 Cracker Jack card.  I seem to go most often for the older style cards like that.  Easy to prep, and they look great signed.

Pitching coach Carl Willis came by as well, signing the three I had on me.  I've gotten so many signed from his time in Seattle and Cleveland that I only have a single 1987 Topps left of him.  He signed three of it for me yesterday.

Just before going in to hit, Endy Chavez stopped over as well, signing for a good long time.  The former Ranger signed the two cards I had of him.  And finally just as BP was ending, Blake Beavan came over and signed, doing all three cards I had of him.

On the left, Blake Beavan. And on the right, Endy Chavez.
And that was about it.  We did get Dustin Ackley later on his way out to do some pregame stretching, and he signed one-per.  But that was all.  A few others signed over by the dugout, but I didn't bother venturing over.  I usually have zero luck there.

I'm debating about whether or not to 1. try the post-game tunnel tonight in hopes of coaches walking out or 2. try the pregame tunnel tomorrow.  I have the day off, but I'm going over to see my brother in law and his girlfriend in the later afternoon, so if I go tomorrow to the tunnel, I have to cut it short.  So, maybe.

Friday, I'll (probably) have a special writeup on 'graphing etiquette.  There are a few things from the last week that have really pissed me off a bit and I just need to get a rant off my chest.  Maybe people will read it and look at how they act.  I'm not counting on it though.

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