Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get a roll of stamps, and mail it in

Gotta love old Keith Olbermann SportsCenter catchphrases.

Anyways, I finally sent a few autograph requests out by mail last week and a few have started rolling in.

First up was Cowboys assistant coach Judd Garrett.  Jason's brother signed six cards and enclosed a short note.  The Garrett brothers (Jason, Judd, and John) went to my high school, and their oldest brother, Jim, was my senior year English teacher.  It took only five days-- considering it never left the zip code, it was pretty much expected.

The second one came in today from Dodgers' longtime great and now coach Manny Mota. He signed four cards in 8 days.

I have enough stamps to send out another 8 requests or so.  Any thoughts on who I should go for?

Here's who I've already sent to over the years.

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