Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A lost one returns

I updated my last post with the cards Andrew sent me from our baseball deal over the summer, adding 11 more to the collection.

My wife also texted me, that one came in for me in Wichita Falls.  I was expecting it to be NASCAR's Mark Martin since I had sent to him with a Wichita Falls-addressed SASE so I could use one that had been in an RTS'ed request and not lose a stamp, plus he had been returning a bunch lately.

It wasn't. Instead, I got one closer to completing the Sutter Brothers collection as Rich signed 3 of the 4 cards I sent him.  Took over a year (394 days, or a day short of 13 months to be exact).  I sent to all the Sutters on the same day, November 5, 2012. Brent came back fastest (35 days via the Calgary Flames), then Ron (43 days via the Flames), then Darryl (49 days via the L.A. Kings), then Duane (119 days via the Edmonton Oilers), and finally Rich in 394 days, put in with Ron's request since I couldn't find an address for him.  I'm only missing Brian, sent c/o the Bentley Generals. Unfortunately I was unaware he had left the Generals for the Innisfail Eagles (and is no longer with them either), so I may be SOL on that one.

Currently, I'm only 54 away from netting 1000 autographs for my collection this year. That doesn't include the 93 items I've gotten for others, and takes into account the 88 I've traded away.  With two more outings before the end of the calendar year, it's doable.

I'm also only 27 away now from 2000 different signed hockey cards-- that doesn't include doubles or set cards.

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