Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update coming!

My luck has been absolute shit the last few weeks.

The Coyotes and Lightning stayed at the Casa De Impossible.

The Stars haven't had any alumni signers or practices.

The Olympics meant no hockey at all for a good chunk of the month.

The Rangers are all in Arizona for Spring Training.

So I haven't had much to say on here.  I have gotten a couple TTM's back at least, and tomorrow I should have a good post on tonight's big event with the Stars' Alumni for Mike Modano's banner raising, plus a Stars practice tomorrow, and a card show in Plano. So hopefully I'll have something worth putting up.

I'll say more on the TTM's in tomorrow's post, but I'll tell you at the very least it's one of my all-time favorite hockey players and probably my favorite football player (and one of the reasons I wear #21 in floorball).

It's kinda crappy but kind of good to have a month off.  I'm somewhat recharged, and ready to finish out hockey, get into baseball season, and get to writing a few TTM requests.

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