Monday, April 14, 2014

Hounding Report: Seattle Mariners, April 14

'Twas a tad chilly.

A brisk 50 degrees is normal this time of year... in Cleveland. Not Arlington.  Fortunately the wind wasn't blowing too badly inside the Ballpark and I was able to get inside just a few minutes past 5:00. Just as I was heading in, Rick Waits stopped and signed and he quickly knocked out three cards for me. He's going to be one of the VIP signers for the National and I asked him about it.  He said Cleveland is one of his favorite cities-- he played there for a few years and lived in Chagrin Falls, not too far from my old high school's locale of Hunting Valley.

I waited around for quite a while with no one signing, or only signing for a few before running off (Felix Hernandez, Kyle Seager, Ackley Kid-- props to you if you get that reference-- Corey Hart).  On the plus side, Robinson Cano came over and signed for everyone, one-per.  Sadly my Staedtler wasn't functioning well in the chilly weather so it's not the best sig I've ever seen. But at least he signed.

Andy Van Slyke told me he didn't have time to sign. That's fine, I'll get him at the National.

After him, Erasmo Ramirez and John Buck came over together, each signing three for me. The pen crapped out a bit on Buck's first one too, but it's decent. I may switch back to Sharpies and save the Staedtlers for baseballs.

Erasmo Ramirez signs for a few fans
Overall, not bad. I wasn't working super-hard though since the Mariners come into Arlington at least one more time, maybe two, plus I get them in Cleveland in July.

TOTALS: 10 autographs from four players.

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