Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hounding Report: Rockies vs. Rangers, May 7

For some reason I always have an irrational fear of going graphing and going home empty-handed. It's rare that it happens; the only time I can think of off the top of my head, aside from my late-due-to-floorball outing to the Tunnel a few weeks back, was an attempt at the Maple Leafs in 2005 that was shortened due to a recording session with my band.

With baseball, I try not to expect much. A bar of 10 autographs is doable without being too low.  I've had a few significantly lower totals. I've had plenty of higher ones as well. But 10 is a pretty decent number to shoot for and makes it worth my time and effort.

Not sure why this was on my mind, but it was. The Rockies surpassed that total for me.

I met up with Chris just as the gates were opening to get him a few extra cards of players he was missing. He also hooked me up with a Bo McLaughlin card because I had nothing for him.  I ended up getting a nice bit of cardio in as we ended up moving around the left field line quite a bit.  We went down toward the outfield where a couple pitchers were signing, but I ended up late to the party as they went back to throwing.  Back over at the dugout I got Rex Brothers, who signed 2 of my 3 cards.  I usually don't try at the dugout since it's often crowded, but this time there weren't as many there.  Just after Rex, Nick Masset signed the lone card I had of him, as did Bo McLaughlin.  I nearly lost my card of Michael McKenry: when McLaughlin tossed my book back, it went flying off. Fortunately an on-field security guy was able to grab it and get it to me.

Meanwhile back down the line, Michael Cuddyer was signing.  I made sure to switch over to a Staedtler from the Sharpie I had been using and am I ever glad I did.  The guy gives an amazing signature and made sure he signed for everyone.

A seriously perfect signature
Broadcaster Jeff Huson was down on the field as well, and Chris called him over to sign.  Huson's been a Ranger favorite from his years in Arlington where he made a few nifty plays with the glove to help preserve one of Nolan Ryan's no-hitters.  Additionally, I broadcast a few of his son's hockey games when I was doing radio in Wichita Falls and Kyle was with Wenatchee in the NAHL.  He's now at UConn.  He signed three cards for me, with some help from another collector handing my book down as I was trapped in the back of the crowd.

Back down the line again, Jhoulys Chacin signed my two cards of him, followed by Jordan Pacheco doing the same.  His autograph is nearly as good as Cuddyer's.  I did have to chase him a bit though: he kept changing directions as he made his way down the line.  But at least he made sure he got to everyone.

Last was third base coach Stu Cole who also neatly signed the two cards I had of him.  Unfortunately I missed out on two big targets in Walt Weiss and Carlos Gonzalez.  Both signed but not for many people.

TOTALS: 14 autographs from 8 players

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