Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hounding Report: Seattle Mariners, May 20

I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of the Mariners.  They weren't signing too well their first trip in and usually teams get worse with the pen as the season goes on. That being said, today was quite the pleasant surprise, and a nice mix of both quality and quantity.

Everything went by so quickly at the beginning that I don't even remember who all I got in what order.  Chris was clutch on getting a lot of guys to come over, James Paxton being one of the first.  He signed three cards for me.  Not long after him came Yoervis Medina (signed two of two), Danny Farquhar (three of three), and Chris Young (one of one).  Then came the big one, Robinson Cano.

I wasn't expecting Robbie to sign since he did at least two days their first trip in.  The guy next to me thought it was James Jones and had Jones' cards out.  Cano took a look and said "Nah, that's not me. I'm cuter," before signing for almost everyone there.  I got him on one card.  Fortunately my pen was much better this time than last time.

Rick Waits signed the lone card I had of him, and told a quick story related to one of the photos on a card he was signing for someone else.  It was taken in Fenway Park about 15 minutes before a teenage fan stole his hat right off his head.  I told him I spent three and a half years in Boston and that doesn't surprise me at all.

L to R: Cano, Paxton, Seager, Walker - a big name, a pair of speculatives,
and a long chase sandwiched in between them.
Logan Morrison signed a pair for me followed by Kyle Seager doing the same.  I've been trying to get the Ranger Killer for 3 seasons now; glad to finally pick him up.  Taijuan Walker also signed a pair while watching his fellow pitchers throwing in the outfield.  Back down by the dugout, Stefen Romero signed three for me. Oddly enough, my cubicle at work is right across from a different Stefen Romero.  Brandon Maurer signed the lone card I had of him as well as the pitchers made their way back to the dugout.

Up at the press box, I got former third baseman turned psychic broadcaster Mike Blowers on three cards as well.  Finally, I capped off the evening with getting Cole Gillespie for Chris, which goes to Arron.  Gillespie was signing multiples, but not doubles, so I pitched in a little help.

TOTALS: 25 autographs from 13 players (24 from 12 for me, 1 from 1 for Chris/Arron)

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