Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hounding Report: Baltimore Orioles, June 4

A few negatives and positives from this one...

NEGATIVE: I only got 6 items signed.

POSITIVE: A trio of All-Stars were among those who did sign

NEGATIVE: I wasn't able to give much help to Ross from the TTM Hockey board who sent some cards my way.

POSITIVE: I did at least get him one signed, so his stamp was not wasted.

I guess the O's just aren't big on signing.  A few other collectors mentioned they weren't great the day before, with only Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz signing inside, and John Russell signing out at the tunnel.  I had higher hopes for today, but as I said, only six cards got signed, with one going to Ross in Pennsylvania.

Brian Matusz was the first to sign, inking one of my three cards.  He had been signing multiples early on, but limited people to one-per once he got to me, making sure he could sign for everyone and start warmups on time.  I can accept that.  Jonathan Schoop was next, signing one of my two cards.  That one goes to Ross.  I'll hang onto the other one for next season.

For the record, this is the first time I've traded with Ross.  But back about ten years ago he had a website that was a huge help to autograph collectors in the hockey world (including me), showing headshots of every player on a team with their name, and some other basic info to aid in ID'ing them while hounding.  I've tried to do that myself and it's a hell of an undertaking for a single team, much less all 30.  So I'm more than happy to help out someone who gives that kind of a service to the hobby.

The big names came through next: Manny Machado signed down the line for everyone there, one-per with an autograph that it little more than an M, but I'll take it for sure.  He's already a big name and only likely to get bigger from here on.  Nelson Cruz, still a fan favorite in Arlington, followed suit, signing multiples down the line.  He signed two of the three cards I had with me, and constantly stopped to take photos with fans.  He had to have been there a good fifteen minutes.  Having never gotten him before, I am definitely glad to finally add him to the collection.

Last was Chris Davis, signing for a few after taking batting practice.  He was one-per for us, sitning for about ten people before heading in.  I love getting the Topps throwback minis signed, and Davis is the first I've gotten on this year's edition, the 1989-style die-cuts.

Cards (bottom left goes to Ross) on my totally stylin' Ikea rug.

So while I fell short of my standard goal of ten, I did at least get some big names.  Seems that's the way it's been this year: not getting a ton, but at least I've been getting some good ones.

Picked up a BP ball as well. Might need to sand it a bit, but it'll be getting signed by someone eventually. Maybe Luis Sardinas to go with my Rougned Odor ball.

TOTALS: Six autographs from five players (five from four for me, one from one for Ross).

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