Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hounding Report: Indians vs. Rangers, June 8-9

Well, I'm spent.

I decided to skip the Marlins tonight and tomorrow.  Four nights in a row is more than enough. I could use a full two weeks off so I don't suffer the burnout that hit me in July and August last year.  Plus it gives me time to reload on Rangers as well as stock up on Tigers and Twins if I'm lacking any. Which I probably am.

Sunday was made tough by rain.  Ron Washington was first in, signing a hat for me.  My wife's uncle loves Wash and he's been in the hospital for almost a year now.  He was in a coma for a while but has been improving greatly the last few months.  So I had Wash sign a hat for him.  I asked him to personalize it and Wash said he doesn't do them, but when I explained the situation, he was nice enough to put "To Paul" on it.  Tim Bogar was the only other Ranger I got, signing the last card I had of him.  I also got Sandy Alomar Jr. walking in. He signed two cards, which got a little spotty from the rain.  I've had worse.

Inside, no one took batting practice, so graphing was almost pointless.  I got Corey Kluber on another card and Josh Tomlin on a UD logo hologram, but that was about it.  TOTALS: 6 autographs from 5 players.

Monday was somewhat better.  I got in early, got my free hat, and went to the Indians' side. Once again due to earlier rains, no one took BP, so once again we were behind the 8-ball.  Fortunately the Tribe's pitchers did go out for a toss and a run, so some of them signed.  Nick Hagadone was the first one by, signing the two cards I had of him.  Carlos Carrasco also stopped by on his way out to the field, signing one-per for everyone.  I tried to get Marc Rzepczynski: he said he'd sign after warmups, then walked back in with a crowd.  John Axford was part of that crowd, coming over and signing, but only for kids.  That was fine with me, I got him Saturday.  Besides, the kid next to me that I was helping with player identification got him, so that's good at least.

Justin Masterson hung out for a good 30 minutes at the end of the tarp.  I went down and got him again as he signed for everyone, including my three cards.  I considered waiting around for more, but that put me at my goal of 40 for the series, so I figured I'd just head for the press box and then call it a night.  Rick Manning signed the three cards I had of him as soon as he and Matt Underwood finished their pregame segment.  I waited around for Tom Hamilton, but he didn't open the windows of the radio booth until after 6:50, when I left. MONDAY TOTALS: 9 autographs from 4 players

WEEKEND TOTALS (including Fri and Sat): 43 autographs from 24 players (41/22 for me, 1/1 for Chris, 1/1 for my wife's uncle)

I'm also prepping my first TTM's in a while.  Got letters ready for Jason Garrett, Glenn Blackwood, Lyle Blackwood, Pat Neshek, Manny Mota, Bill Virdon, Chris Speier, Tony LaRussa, Bud Harrelson, Jim Walewander, and Curtis Pride.  They should all be hitting the mailbox by the weekend.

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