Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More mail and a weather cancellation

I was originally planning on heading out for the Tigers tonight and tomorrow, especially since tonight's game is on MLB Network and I might have a chance to get whoever is calling the game for them.

Mother Nature however had other ideas and I'm staying home.  I only sank $6 into a ticket though, so it's not a major loss. Normally I don't mind graphing in the rain as it can sometimes yield some nice results.  But I think I'll pass. Tomorrow I'll have a shot at the Tigers along with the ESPN crew.

And it turns out John Smoltz is calling for MLBN, so I'm not massively missing out. While I'd like to get him, he's not a huge need for me.  Here's to hoping Rick Sutcliffe is in the booth tomorrow, as I need him and Tigers' hitting coach Wally Joyner for my ATFF sets.

On the way home I stopped by the mailbox and found another two successes.  Each taking 8 days, Casey Kotchman signed four cards in blue Sharpie, along with Chris Speier signing five in blue Staedtler. So the day was far from a total waste. I also got some cleaning and organization done, and I might write a few more TTM requests or label my hockey fight DVD sleeves. So, hooray for productivity.

Hopefully tomorrow is just as productive a day at the Ballpark.

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