Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hounding Report: Frisco Roughriders vs. Tulsa Drillers, August 10

I don't know what it is, but I always seem to have good timing on my side at Frisco's Ballpark. A few years ago, I got Terrell Owens and Mike Modano within moments of each other at a celebrity ballgame. At the Rangers' Winter Caravan Open House, I was one of the first in line for Elvis Andrus. Earlier this season, I walked out about two minutes before Pudge Rodriguez, who signed a card for me.

This time, it was at both ends-- arrival and departure.  Chris and I went down to check out the game and he hooked me up with cards on a bunch of players to help him 50/50.  Within a few minutes of our arrival, who walked in but Rangers' top prospect Joey Gallo, signing everything we had-- four for me, two of which went to Chris. We waited around outside for a while longer with no luck.  Inside, we did well on the Drillers' side.  I only had cards for Trevor Story and Tyler Anderson, but they both signed all three I had on them, two going to Chris.

We thought we might have a shot at seeing a no-hitter: the Roughriders pitchers combined for 6-1/3 innings hitless before a double broke it up in the seventh.  They still won 9-2 with both Tulsa runs coming before they got any hits; Frisco's fielding was atrocious.

Outside we went over to the players' exit and they were accommodating signers.  Nomar Mazara and Jorge Alfaro each signed two (one for me, one for Chris). Jake Thompson signed four (two for me, two for Chris).

We were about to leave with a couple players still inside and just as we were about to turn and head for the car. Kyle Lotzkar walked out, signing the lone card I had of him.  Overall , a good outing: Chris said with my help he got over 100 cards signed.  I came away with 9, which is good for having had nothing with me walking in.  I also got a few cards in exchange for getting him some stuff at the tunnel and the Len Barker in Cleveland.

TOTALS: 9 cards from 7 players.

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