Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hitting the mailbox

Gotten a couple back recently so I may as well do a quick update.

After about a 6-month wait, Gary Redus signed five cards for me. Glad tyo get this one back because I thought I had missed his window. He was signing a lot without much of a wait, then it all stopped right around the time I mailed out, but once I saw a few requests rolling back in on Facebook groups I figured mine would be close behind.

This isn't always the case though: I still haven't gotten Richie Hebner back, even though I only sent three cards and saw plenty sent after mine returned successfully to their collectors. I'm assuming it somehow got lost.

The best one though, is a five-time NHL All-Star, Jennings Trophy winner, two-time World Championship, World Cup, AND two-time Olympic gold medallist who only took two weeks to sign a 11x14 photo.

Roberto Luongo!

It's not the greatest sig I've ever seen and he didn't put my requested inscription, but I certainly have no complaints about the speed. And it largely matches what I've gotten from him before.

Here's to hoping a few more of those 11x14 photos will come rolling in soon.

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