Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August Update

I'm lazy, I know, shut up.

Since vacation to Michigan and Minnesota took up most of my extra money, I've limited myself on Rangers games. In other words, I've been to none from the Indians series in April up to Alumni Weekend in late July. And frankly, I haven't missed it at all. Frisco has been good, the Alumni were good, that's good enough for me.

I've also slowed down a bit on TTMs, but have picked up a ton in purchases and trades lately at least. So, a rundown. We'll start with the TTMs...

Rod Seiling, c/o Ontario Racing Commission, 1/1, 2 weeks
Steven Finn, c/o home, 6/6, 2 weeks

Harry Newsome, c/o home, 3/3, 1 week
Ed "Too Tall" Jones, c/o home, 3/3, 1 week

Dennis Smith, c/o home, 6/6, 1 week

Rich Camarillo, c/o home, 5/5, 2 weeks
Andy Van Hellemond, c/o home, 4/3, 3 weeks, added personalized signed postcard
Tim Hunter, c/o Moose Jaw Warriors, 4/4, 1 month
Jared Goff, c/o LA Rams, 3/3, 1 month

Steve Larmer, c/o home, 6/6, 35 days
Mark Murphy, c/o home, 5/5, 20 days

Reggie Langhorne, c/o home, 6/6, 38 days
Randall McDaniel, c/o home, 2/2, 23 days

Mike Baab, c/o home, 5/5, 39 days
Paul Perkins, c/o NY Giants, 3/3, 45 days, added "Sorry you're a Browns fan" to one.

Mike Horan, c/o home, 4/4, 28 days, personalized all four

Chris Mohr, c/o home, 4/4, 30 days

Randy Gilhen, c/o Manitoba Moose Alumni, 5/5, 46 days

Kevin Butler, c/o home, 5/5, 9 days

Ray Wersching, c/o home, 4/4, 11 days
Chris Jacke, c/o home, 6/6, 11 days

My IP 'graphing has been minimal as well. I took most of June and July off due to vacation, but got back at it later in the month. I plan to do a game in Frisco in a week and a half. But I did at least gert the Rangers' Alumni...

Mike Bacsik Sr., 3/2
Cecil Espy, 4/4
Benji Gil, 4/4
Donald Harris, 4/4
Dave Hostetler, 4/4
Kevin Mench, 4/4, 4/4
Jim Norris, 4/4
Claude Osteen, 2/1
Ken Pape, 1/1
Jeff Russell, 4/4
Donnie Sadler, 4/4
Scott Sheldon, 2/2
Mike Simms, 4/4
Marty Stajduhar, 1/0
Don Stanhouse, 4/4
Ken Suarez, 2/2
Ellis Valentine, 1/4
John Wetteland, 1/4
Curtis Wilkerson, 4/4

Mike Adams, 4/4
Gerald Alexander, 4/4
Tucker Ashford, 3/3
Mark Brandenburg, 1/0
Keith Creel, 2/2
Cecil Espy, 4/4
Bill Fahey, 1/1
Jeff Frye, 4/4
Jim Gideon, 1/0
Jose Guzman, 1/0
Rich Hand, 4/4
Larry Hardy, 1/1
Toby Harrah, 4/4
Donald Harris, 4/4
Rick Henninger, 1/0
David Hulse, 4/4
Pat Mahomes, 4/4
Pete O'Brien, 4/4
Don Stanhouse, 3/3
Todd Van Poppel, 1/0, 8/8
DeWayne Vaughn, 2/2
Jamey Wright, 4/4

Ian Desmond, 2/2
Tom Grieve, 1/1
Bobby Jones, 4/4
Mitch Moreland, 1/1
Spike Owen, 4/4

And then a week later, a surprise outing for the Vote Yes campaign to bring a new ballpark to Arlington (irony: I likely will vote no).

Jeff Russell, 8/8
Darren Oliver, 8/8
Bump Wills, 6/6
Chuck Morgan, 1/1
Todd VanPoppel, 10/9
Kevin Mench, 1/0
Jim Sundberg, 9/8 (3x5 photo)

And finally, I'm not going to list them all but I bought a ton for my hockey want lists. Look to the right and you'll see my set percentages have gone vastly upward. I'm only two short now on 2007-08 UD Rookie Class and less than 20 short on 2002-03 Topps Total.  I've also made a few trades for some more 1972 Topps cards.

I'm planning on mailing out a bunch here soon once my SportLots purchases come rolling in. At the very least, I plan on trying Adrian Beltre and Clayton Kershaw with set needs, as well as taking a flyer on Alex Rodriguez. He signed some late last season/offseason so with his retirement, it might be worth mailing to him.

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