Sunday, August 12, 2018

The National: Final

Whew. We had a busy few days after my return (had a good friend stay with us one night, band practice Saturday), I finally had a moment today to photograph almost everything. Not pictured: Set cards, items I got signed for others, and the 100+ hockey sig lot I picked up for Lee Alexander.


Miles driven: 3,358
States visited: Fourteen
Games attended: Twelve
Autographs obtained, whether in-person, trade, purchased, or pulled from a pack: 574

A gigantic rundown-- and this doesn't include signed photos or the unsigned items I snagged...

Preview: A Q&A on what's to come
Days One and Two: Birmingham and Lexington
Days Three and Four: Charleston and Columbus
Days Five and Six: Lake County and The National
Days Seven through Ten: NSCC, Akron, Lake Cty., Cleveland, and Ft. Wayne
Day Eleven: Cedar Rapids and Des Moines
Days Twelve and Thirteen: Des Moines and Kansas City

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