Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free cards? Yes please!

If you were to ask my wife, I'm sure she'd say the last thing I need would be any more damn cards.  With somewhere around 125,000 in boxes and all sorted (except for the 14,000 cards of baseball players with last names Aardsma through Eyre) there are probably better places for me to put my money.  And for the most part I agree.  I still buy the occasional pack, or stock up on guys I'm likely to be hounding in the following weeks.

But if there's no money involved, is there a problem?  My vote would be no.

And so when my friend Arron (remember that name, I'm sure you'll be hearing it a lot here as we'll be hounding a ton in Arlington) texted me yesterday to alert me that Matt at was giving away team lots and my beloved Indians were still available, you can guarantee I jumped on that chance.  I'll let you all know what I get.  It may take a few weeks since they're being shipped to Wichita Falls instead of Arlington (unless I email Matt real quick-like and ask him to hold them for a few days and send to the new place), but once I get them, I'll be as happy as a little girl.

Me in a few weeks when the cards arrive.
And this appears to be no junk either.  In what I saw from others who picked up cards from him, Matt is sending out some nice inserts and such.  Stuff I might not get autographed but that will go into the Tribe box for future keeping.  That box is minimal at present, but this should make for a very nice start.

I got so excited I told Corey about it as well.  His Mets were gone already, but he knows a Marlins collector he thinks he can swing a few trades with to pick up some Mets; so he got the Marlins.  Arron picked up the A's since the Rangers were gone.

Matt still has the Giants, Pirates, White Sox, and Brewers available.  So if any fans of those teams are reading this, go check him out.  And not just for the free cards either-- the blog as a whole is great.  There's a lot in there on baseball, cards, and other random stuff on his mind and life in general. I added to the blog links on the right side here.

Maybe I'll do something similar eventually with clearing some of my cards out.  I was planning on selling some on eBay (because really now, why do I need 120 cards of Matt Williams?).  I figured with some of the stuff I have, I can help out some IP/TTM collectors sometime.  So we'll see what happens.  I don't have the awesomeness that Matt has been slinging around to everyone, but I figure I can help someone out somewhere.

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