Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nerves? Not really.

You'll never do
The things you want
If you don't move
And get a job

It all begins tomorrow.  First day on a new job since October 1, 2008.  First day in a new apartment since May 4, 2004.

I was able to move all my cards down with me-- the full 125,000.  Really the only things I don't have here are my coffee supplies (coffee pot, espresso machine, coffee grinder, and coffee beans; I plan to go full-blown Finn), bike, and golf clubs.  And only about a week's worth of clothes.  The complex's laundry facilities will be my best friend.

I got sorted through almost all my cards for potential eBay selling of some inserts and doubles.  I just have those 14,000 Aardsma through Eyre cards I've mentioned numerous times before.  I figure I'll start that Tuesday night.  Tomorrow is probably going to be the busiest day of my life: starting at Panini, getting the lease done and moving in, hitting Walmart for a few remaining supplies and such. But then again, sorting through some cards might be a nice way to wind down at the end of all that.

I'm a little nervous, but not massively so.  Four and a half years (to the day) since I've started a new job.  And it's only my fourth job ever, so it's something I'm familiar with, but not extremely familiar.  My last job was something I had been doing to a smaller degree on an unpaid basis for a while before.

Maybe more anxious than nervous.  I'm just ready for this chapter to start.  Several friends are already making arrangements to come visit whenever they can.  Hit up some Rangers games, go graphing, some FC Dallas games... I just realized the other night that I haven't been to a soccer match at anything above the high school level.  That needs to change.  Next step, getting to see Chelsea play sometime, somewhere.

Next week: the quest for new autographs and a new guitar will finally get underway.

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