Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ferguson Jenkins, Dick's Sporting Goods

It's not everyday you can get a Baseball Hall of Famer to sign for you for free.  When the opportunity arises, you have to jump on it.

Such was the case today when I had the option of going to the tunnel at the Rangers' Ballpark, or trekking across my new town to get Ferguson Jenkins at the Parks at Arlington Mall.  Needless to say, the sure thing won out over the crapshoot.

I got there early just to make sure I got a nice spot in line.  There were only 6 people there ahead of me, and even when the signing started, maybe 30 people total.  That was a major surprise: it's a Saturday afternoon, a Baseball Hall of Famer, and free (he usually is $15-50 an item).  Why not?

Right at noon, in came Fergie and the line progressed.  He was signing two items per person  it appeared, so all was good.  And now, I can say I've knocked out another two for the Topps All-Time Fan Favorites sets.

Can't go wrong with a free HOF'er 'graph!
I'm going to hit up the tunnel tomorrow for sure.  In talking to a few other collectors, it seems no one knows about where the Angels are.  I was given a tip to try a certain Fort Worth hotel, but I don't feel like driving that far.  Maybe in September...

Finally got my internet set up today, so the updates should be coming more often now.

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