Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anything Can Happen Thursday, Vol. 2

This time I remembered!  Granted, only 20 minutes before I should be heading for bed but whatever. I'm writing, at least.

I was hoping I'd be on my way to having a new guitar to talk about, but alas, I was outbid on this one last night.  It's the exact style I want in the exact color I want at an affordable price.  Alas, not quite affordable enough as I only have about $230 in the guitar fund right now.  But at least I know it exists.

I currently have four guitars-- a 2003 Fender Splatter Stratocaster (AKA the Splattercaster), a 2002 Austin acoustic, a Bently acoustic that actually belongs to my in-laws but I borrowed before I got the Austin down here, and a Samick Greg Bennett Avion AV3 (basically a Les Paul copy).  My amp is sitting in Ohio right now, but I hope to get it down here the next time I go up there.  It's a simple Fender Princeton 65.

I was hoping to add a Thinline Telecaster to the mix because I love the sound it gets.  It would add a different sound to what I have and is pretty versatile.  If you haven't heard it, here's guitar guru Greg Koch showing it off.

I'm not half or even a quarter as good as Greg Koch, so don't expect me to pick it up and play like that.  I love the sound from the bridge pickup (just after the 1:20 mark).  I'm not big on country music for the most part, but the sound of it from that pickup is awesome.

This is one guitar I'm going to get pretty picky on if I can.  It has to be in the 1969 style over the 1972-- '69 had the typical Telecaster single-coil pickups, while the '72 has humbuckers.  I'd prefer it be a Fender-- not a Squier or some off brand, but I could settle for a Squier or a really good sounding cheapie.  It has to be a Thinline (semi-hollowbody for those wondering). And I want it in a two or three tone sunburst.  Bonus if it has a Bigsby-style tremolo on it.  If not, I might add one on later.  I could guarantee I get all of that if I felt like plunking down $1000.  But I'd prefer it not get to that.  Hence why I was so hopeful for this eBay axe.  Oh well-- at least I know it's out there at a damn good price.  If I found it once, I can find it a second time.

For a while I thought about selling the Strat to help pay for it, but now there's no way I'll do that.  I've been playing it more lately and I do like the sound it gets.

Next stop: a new amp.  I'll probably just hit up Guitar Center for a used one.  Besides the one in Ohio, all I have is my Danelectro Honeytone 1-watt practice amp.  Got a wah pedal back in Wichita Falls, and a Digitech RP50 in Ohio that may or may not work.  Either way, I want to get some better effects after I get the Thinline and an amp.  Then I might get around to putting that killswitch I want to install on the LP copy.  We'll see.

I'm also considering going out and busking after Rangers games.  A few times I've seen a sax player on a corner playing for change.  I might find a different corner with the acoustic and go wild.  We'll see what happens.  That's the great part about having a guitar with a backpack style gig bag and the bike (finally!): maybe I can make a couple quick trips to make a few bucks on the side when I'm not hounding the tunnel postgame, and get some exercise all in one fell swoop.

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