Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Friendsday, Vol. 6: Lanny Hanscombe

Due to Wednesday night's ill-fated hounding attempt (recap coming later), I was both waterlogged and late getting back to the apartment so I had to delay this in earnest until Thursday.  But now that that's all passed, let's meet Lanny Hanscombe.

Lanny and I go back about ten years as part of the Boston crew that has provided at least one previous interview, and at least one upcoming.  We were both new to the scene at the same time.  In fact, I think it was only my second or third time out when we met-- and it was only about his first or second time out.  He's back home in his native Canada now, but still collecting in person and by mail.

So here we go with Lanny!

Lanny on the left.  If you don't know
the man on the right, I suggest you learn.

Name: Lanny Hanscombe

From: Inverness, Nova Scotia

Age: 41

Years collecting: 20 years

 Main items you collect: mostly hockey

TGC: You've bounced around to a few places for regular hounding outings, notably Boston and Edmonton.  What city has been your favorite for it?

LH: Boston for sure.

TGC: How do the other hounds compare between the places you've been?

LH: Mostly the same. I've made some great friends in both places

TGC: How did you first get into autograph collecting?

LH: It started when the NHL oldtimers came to my home town when I was a kid.

TGC: Do you remember the first item you ever got signed?

LH: I know I got some when iI was young, but my first one that I really remember was from Al MacInnis when he came home after winning the Cup in '89.

TGC: Do you prefer getting yours in-person, or through the mail?

LH: In person by far.

TGC: What are your top five favorite items in your collection?

LH: 1- Wendel Clark signed jersey
2- My Crosby autos
3- Signed Gretzky Jersey
4- Bobby Baun signed jersey
5- Bobby Hull signed jersey

Bobby Hull has turned into one of the best signers in the last few years.
TGC: How did we end up meeting?

LH: We met in Boston, I guess we just started talking and it went from there.

TGC: Any fun stories from hounding over the years?

LH: n/a

TGC: What's your opinion on autograph dealers?

LH: They dont bother me.

TGC: Of all the players you've encountered, pick five you would say are the friendliest in terms of interacting with fans.

LH: 1- Jarome Iginla
2- Joe Sakic
3- Dion Phaneuf
4- Ian Laperriere
5- Sam Gagner

TGC: On the opposite end of that, who are the, shall we say, roughest around the edges?

LH: Sean Avery has this one wrapped up, with an honorable mention to Dan Cleary.

TGC: Has anything ever made you want to get out of the hobby?

LH: Yeah, all the long days in the extreme cold! But I haven't quit yet.

TGC: Any other thoughts, words of advice, anything like that for other collectors out there?

LH: Treat a new hound with respect. Help them out and show them the ropes.

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