Friday, May 31, 2013

Hounding Report: Rangers-Diamondbacks, May 29

Days need more hours in them.  Well, as long as I can have those hours free at least.

I still need to finish prepping my cards for the Royals tomorrow, finish dinner, get stuff together for the Celebrity Wiffleball game tomorrow, finish my Rangers alumni hounding book, and write this.  And I still haven't done laundry yet.  Sunday evening, I guess.  Monday if worst comes to worst.

Wednesday was my first time going for a National League team since last year's Dodgers' trip up in St. Louis.  Last one before that: Phillies in Boston back in 2004.

Everything started out awesome as I ran into Chris almost immediately upon arrival.  He was over on the Rangers' side to start with before coming over to the visitors.  Miguel Montero was first out of the dugout.  Signed for all of us, but was a strict one-per.  On the plus side, he did at least ask which one I wanted him to sign.  As usual, I went for the '12 Topps Heritage.  Love the Heritage sets.

Coach Turner Ward was next out, signing for all of us.  I mentioned I was a Cleveland native (his first MLB stop) and we talked a little about the area.  He adds Bible verse Romans 10:9 to all his sigs.  I'm not big on religion, but I do appreciate when players at least put it as just a verse instead of handing us all Biblical tracts (never had it happen in person, but have gotten a few by mail).  And I like when they customize their sigs like that: it shows they're putting in the effort.  He's got a great sig too.

It was around this time that the rain started.  Just a light sprinkle on and off, but enough to have us worried a bit.  A few other players signed by the opposite side of the dugout-- Gregorius, Pennington, Hinske, and Ross.  With the rain, the fact I forgot rubber bands to keep my book closed if I toss it, and not wanting to give up my front-row spot, I didn't go over.

And then suddenly, bam.  Downpour.  I got to cover quickly, but fortunately it didn't last long.  After it stopped and we took our places, coaches and pitchers came out for a bit.  Matt Williams came over and signed briefly, but we asked if he'd come back later as the rain was kicking up again.  He said he'd try to get over to us.  He was really cool about it-- much better than when he was one of the managers at the Celebrity Baseball Game in Frisco in 2009.

Patrick Corbin signed for us as well, doing both of my cards.  Josh Collmenter signed the only card I had of him as well.  Steve Sax signed for a few quickly, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them.  Charles Nagy was another big one I wanted, and he delivered nicely, signing all three cards I had with me (including the 1992 Upper Deck card with him batting in a Spring Training game; you may recall he got a hit in the 1992 All-Star Game, the first by an AL pitcher in 29 years).  Pretty quiet though; I mentioned being a longtime Indians fan and he didn't say anything.

Then a PA announcement came-- get out of the upper levels, take cover on the lower ones, a thunderstorm was headed our way.  Don Baylor came over and signed as well while talking to some friends of his, but I didn't stay-- the storm was coming in.  The grounds crew was obviously asleep at the switch as they didn't get the tarp down until the deluge was already upon us.

The rain went away pretty quickly and eventually we went back out, hoping that maybe someone would come out and sign.  No luck.  A second PA announcement came, and we were warned of a second storm coming through, again leaving us to run for cover.

At this point, I decided to head over to the media elevator; maybe I'd get lucky and see Tom Candiotti (yet another former Indian with the D-Backs), Bob Brenly, Benji Gil, or Steve Busby.  No such luck though.  Once again it quit, and I went back to the field, hoping for someone else to come and sign.

But again, no luck.  The crew worked the field, and eventually it was deemed unplayable.  Steve Sax came over for a bit as he had friends in the stands nearby.  Chatted with them for a good 20 minutes, and didn't sign for any of us.  Amazing.  I thought about staying, but the rain was starting again, so I said forget it and bolted.

Hopefully the game is played on a day to which I can make it out.  I still have my ticket, and can probably double up on the guys I got.  It's like a bonus 'graphing session!  After two previous rain delays (CLE-BAL in 1993, and CLE-MIN in 2002), this was my first ever rain out in nearly 25 years of going to games.

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