Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hounding Report: Rangers-Royals, June 1-2

Damn you, Mother Nature.

What started out as pretty decent hounding was again made a bit tough by random rains.  They stopped by gametime, but still, it can be hard to work through.  I know, everyone in Wichita Falls wishes they had that problem.  Too bad.

I had to miss the tunnel Saturday morning as I went to go pick out and order my new glasses.  I got some good ones, and they should be done in a week to ten days.  After finishing there, I quickly drove back, jumped on the bike and headed for the tunnel.  Martin, Ogando, Magadan (DAMMIT), and Moreland all stopped and signed before I got there.  Heard George Brett walked through, but no one realized it was him.

On the plus side, as we were leaving for the gates, Colby Lewis came in, and he stopped and signed so I wasn't totally blanked at the tunnel.  First time I've ever gotten him and he did all three cards I had on me.

The STH gate didn't open until all the others did, so there was no bonus early admission to be had to help me out.  I don't get it: why bother having it for only certain games?  Of what I've heard compared to previous years, the perks for having season tickets have gotten less and less every year.  Add in the fact that the Rangers are now towing people who arrive early to hound the tunnel and it seems they're really starting to take their fans for granted.  Let's see what happens if and when the team finds itself back in the cellar.

Things were pretty good inside for the most part when we could dodge the raindrops.  Luis Mendoza signed the three cards I had on me to start things out.  Unfortunately it was also DairyMax Weekend, featuring a cow milking contest and an egg toss contest.  And where did they do it?  Right down the left field line.  Despite this, I did manage to get Aaron Crow on a card, along with bullpen coach Doug Henry on three.  As Arron and I tried to figure out who to try to get from the cow-milkers and egg-tossers, he looked over and saw Eric Hosmer signing for Chris.  So we bolted over and got there in time, signing one for each of us.  Bruce Chen had shot me down earlier down the line, but signed at the dugout on one of the two cards I had (doubles of his 1999 UD Choice-- so I'm not sure if he's one-per, or no-doubles).

Elliot Johnson took part in the egg-toss and signed the two cards I had of him.  Finishing off the day was Rusty Kuntz, who signed the three cards I had of him.

I also picked up a few hockey ones: Arron got me three Stephane Robidas cards from a 50/50 we did, and I also got a set hit that I bought from a member of the TTM Hockey board who is selling off her collection with a baby on the way.  I also bought a GU Jeff Odgers from her, and she tossed in some random unsigned cards as well.

During Saturday's game, we hoped maybe we could get Mark McLemore after he finished the fifth inning broadcast.  Unfortunately he came out with his hands full and gave us a "Not now, guys."  He's there every game though, so I'm sure I'll get him sometime this season.  I got him once last year on four cards anyway.

After the game, we got a tip on where the Royals were staying, so we drove out to their hotel.  All I can say is if it's the Four Seasons in Irving, don't bother.  We got there, realized there was no way in hell we'd get anyone, and just decided to go grab dinner and call it a night.

Sunday, I figured I'd skip the game and just hit the tunnel.  Seeing as it's a Sunday, there would be a pre-game parade on the field for some group, they were sold out of cheap tickets, and I didn't really need anyone badly anyway.  The tunnel has largely sucked on Sundays, but we did at least get a few today.  Ron Washington signed three, as did Jason Frasor.  We also got lucky as Royals manager Ned Yost walked out, signing the four cards I had of him.  Total for the weekend: 27 baseball, 4 hockey.

When he put the Sharpie to my 1985 Fleer card, Ned Yost became the 1000th signed baseball card in my collection.

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  1. Yup.. 4 Seasons is the WORST hotel, least with some ones in Dallas (I ain't blowing spots) you can wait close to front and hit them