Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hounding Report: Rangers, July 7

I decided not to bother with the game.  The Astros return in August and again in September, so I'll have plenty of chances if I want to go for them.

I did at least bike down to the tunnel.  It was a typical Sunday, not many stopping, but those who did were good.  Ron Washington signed the three cards I had of him, as did Mitch Moreland.  Tanner Scheppers signed the two I had of him as well, which was a rarity.  I haven't seen him stop at all.  He'll sign a ton inside, but that's about it.  Maybe being added to the All-Star Game Final Vote changed his mind.  Cool thing about Scheppers: he's a righty pitcher, but signs left-handed.

Also, major props to Ian Kinsler.  He didn't stop at the tunnel, but there was a girl holding a sign for him.  After passing us by at the tunnel, about ten minutes later a team employee came out and found her.  He signed a ball to give to her.  Great to see, even if he won't stop for the rest of us.

I probably could have done well on the Astros inside but I didn't feel much like going today, and that was well before the small "incident" I had with another collector.  I have other things to get done-- sorting cards, burning DVD's, laundry, all that weekend crap.  And with the $25 I'd be spending on a ticket and food, I'll pass.  Like I said-- two more trips in for them.  I'll get Dennis Martinez eventually.


  1. Nice seeing you as the last Astros' game. We graphed all three games inside and pretty much got everyone who was anyone (and we passed on several 'Stros because we didn't have anything for them to sign). Would love to hear about your "incident" and suggestions. We have our own pet peeves (seriously, you're going to push me into the wall, reach over my back and drape a 12x18" print directly in front of my face??), and a string of comments here on that topic might be therapeutic. We'll be at all the Orioles' and Yankees' games, so hope to see you there!

  2. I missed out on Friday due to work and all that, but kind of wish I had gone Sunday. There were a ton I missed. But like I said above, they'll come twice more. I'll probably get out for the Tuesday games in those two series. As long as I get Dennis Martinez one of those times, it'll all be good. I need him for one of the Topps All-Time Fan Favorites sets I'm doing.

    The incident with another collector is something I'd rather not get into here, as it has relatively little to do with the blog topic.

    I'll be there for the O's, hopefully racking on the alumni on Saturday to start things out. Probably going to skip on the Yankees and Angels though; the Red Sox made for absolutely ridiculous conditions, so I feel like the Yankees will likely be light years worse.