Friday, July 19, 2013

NHL schedule released: planning begins!

Well, that came quicker than I expected!

The NHL released its schedule today and so the planning begins for graphing sessions for my favorite sport.  As well as I've done with baseball, I expect even more in hockey season.  As far as I can tell, every team comes in for at least one game, some as many as three.  A few highlights from the schedule...

  • Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals on October 5
  • The defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks on November 9
  • Anaheim Ducks-- with a travel schedule that could put them here a little longer-- on Nov. 26
  • Les Habitants de Montreal pour le premier jour de 2014
  • Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and the Detroit Red Wings on January 4
  • My Pittsburgh Penguins on January 25
  • A possible lengthy stay from the Nashville Predators on April 8
The only team I will with 99% certainty miss out on completely is Los Angeles on New Year's Eve.  They play on the road the day before, so I can't get them unless they happen to stay the night in Dallas and go to their next destination on New Year's Day.

Now I just need to figure out the hotel situation.  I used to know every team's hotel in Boston when I was there.  Unfortunately with Dallas, I don't even know where to start aside from the standard big names in the hotel world.  Anyone care to help me out a little?


  1. It's not even worth chasing any teams coming here.. all stay at the evil hell place (I won't say it here but ask anyone and thhe will tell you it)

  2. Yeah, I heard not long after posting this. I was chatting with another grapher who is a hockey guy and he said most stay there, with the occasional team or two at another hotel nearby. So, damn. All my hopes for the fall and winter are pretty well shot aside from a few Stars practices and hopes for some of the longer-staying teams like Anaheim and Nashville to have a practice somewhere.