Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Alumni Notebook

So since the Rangers won't tell us who's going to be at the Alumni Weekend signing, I have to take matters into my own hands and guess who will be there.  And so, I present to you my list of who is going into my Alumni Notebook.

And yes, I know some of these guys definitely will not be there.  I just like being super-prepared.

Without further ado, in nearly alphabetical order...

Doyle Alexander
Gerald Alexander
Brad Arnsberg
Mike Bacsik Sr.
John Burkett
John Barfield
Kevin Belcher
Buddy Bell
Rich Billings
Tommy Boggs
Brian Bohanon
Bob Brower
Steve Buechele
Jeff Burroughs
John Butcher
Dave Chalk
Reggie Cleveland
David Clyde
Scott Coolbaugh
Tim Crabtree
Keith Creel
Cecil Espy
Bill Fahey
Ted Ford
Jeff Frye
Jim Gideon
Benji Gil
Jose Guzman
Rusty Greer
Rich Hand
Larry Hardy
Toby Harrah
Donald Harris
Ken Hill
Rich Hinton
Dave Hostetler
Charlie Hough
David Hulse
Mike Jeffcoat
Fergie Jenkins
Jim Kern
Jeff Kunkel
Frank Lucchesi
Pat Mahomes
John Matlack
Oddibe McDowell
Mark McLemore
Craig McMurtry
Mike Munoz
Pete O'Brien
Rafael Palmeiro
Roger Pavlik
Mark Petkovsek
Geno Petralli
Dave Roberts
Eddie Robinson
Ivan Rodriguez
Kenny Rogers
Jeff Russell
Nolan Ryan
Aaron Sele
Scott Sheldon
Ruben Sierra
Mike Simms
Dan Smith
Don Stanhouse
Bill Stein
Ken Suarez
Jim Sundberg
Mickey Tettleton
Bobby Valentine
Ellis Valentine
Todd VanPoppel
DeWayne Vaughn
Duane Walker
Gary Ward
John Wetteland
Curtis Wilkerson
Bobby Witt
Claude Osteen
Leon Roberts
Danny Darwin
Donnie Sadler

Anyone else I need in there?  Anyone I can most certainly remove?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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