Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Texas Rangers: Vastly out of touch with their fans?

Every year, even when I was in Wichita Falls, I looked forward to the Rangers' Alumni Legacy Weekend, when the team would induct someone into their Hall of Fame and tons of former players would come back for an autograph signing session before that Saturday's game.  If I didn't get out to any other games, I made sure to hit up this one.

And once again, the Rangers have found something else great that they can botch.

This year, the signings have been spread out over all three days of the series.  Not only that, but they won't even tell us who will be there for them, much less tell us who will be specifically at each one.

Best of all-- the cherry on this horsecrap sundae-- this was announced today at 5 pm: a whole 50 hours before the start of the series.  So anyone coming in from out of town now has to alter their plans or even consider not going at all.  Is it really worth going if you don't know who's signing on which day if you can only make it for a single day?

Great job again, Rangers.  I'm thinking my dollars may be better spent elsewhere next season.  Wouldn't surprise me other fans feel the same way.  When the glory days are over and the organization is wondering where all the fans went, they can look at how they took them for granted the last few seasons and maybe then they'll realize how badly they're screwing things up.  They're trying to fix what isn't broken, and treat their fans like nothing more than a dollar amount.

EDIT: According to a post at TAC, with the source being a tweet from Jim Sundberg, only "a few" will be Friday, while most will be Saturday.  If true, that's a relief.  However, they could and should make that far clearer in the original release on it.

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