Saturday, July 13, 2013

Six-Year Failure

Don't forget, readers, the trivia contest is still open through 10 pm Saturday!

I haven't written much on TTM'ing here.  Mostly since I haven't sent any requests out since February, a month before I started this blog, and haven't had any successes since late March (the 25th to be exact, from Magnus Arvedsson).

Anyways, this weekend I went back to Wichita Falls and there were a couple TTM envelopes waiting for me.

The first one was from Charlie Ward, who signed two cards I sent in about 15 months.  Unfortunately he didn't sign-- and also didn't return-- my Heisman Custom Index Card.  Such is the risk of TTM'ing.  Fortunately CIC's aren't too tough to replace, and some guys just won't sign stuff that isn't officially licensed. Others won't sign blank index cards, and my CIC design may be "too blank" for his liking.  At least I did get two cards signed out of it.

The latter one though was more of an annoyance than anything...

I sent to former Chicago Bears' defensive end Richard Dent back on August 24, 2007. I thought this was long gone quite a while ago. Today, I see an envelope with a return address sticker from the Make A Dent Foundation, and 5 cents postage added. I thought I was in for the shock of a lifetime here nearly six years later.

Instead, my cards were unsigned with a note: "Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we are unable to favor your request for an autograph. Please know, we appreciate your appeal."

Frankly, I think I'd just rather not have gotten anything back instead.  I guess Richard Dent has been really ridiculously busy for the last six years.

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