Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hounding Report: Houston Astros, August 20, and some TTM's

I don't stay out late,
Nowhere to go,
I'm home about eight,
Just me and my radio.
-- "Ain't Misbehavin," Fats Waller

It's just now hitting eight as I start writing this.  I decided just to hound and not stick around for the game.  I was tired and almost decided not to bother going, but figured I might as well.  After all, The weather was nice, I could use the exercise, and I still had my ticket from the rained-out Diamondbacks game, so I could trade it in and get a ticket tonight for free.  Why not, right?

I had to scramble a bit, leaving work at 4:50, but I got there and inside pretty quickly despite not having my cards in my book when I got home and getting my shoelace caught on my bike pedal a block out, twisting it around pretty nicely. Great start, eh?

Inside, the luck wasn't too good.  Turns out I missed Darvish signing on the Rangers' side.  But the extra half hour of work was worth it, honestly. I'll have plenty of chances to get him, I'm sure.  On the Astros side, not a whole lot.  Granted, I was missing cards on a lot of guys.  Some had signed everything the previous trip.  Others I just had nothing for due to recent callups.  And others I never bothered to get in the first place.  My trips out to Triple have been fewer lately.  I might go next weekend though, depending on what I decide to do.  I want to watch the Lone Star Brahmas' tryout camp, and go to Grand Prairie's Hatch Chile Festival, and run over to Triple, and do some more research at the Dallas Library, and hit Central Market... THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE WEEKEND!!!

Anyway, at the field I only managed to get Eduardo Perez, who signed two of my three cards.  Nice score though-- he never signed when he was in Cleveland for half of the 2005 season.  Brett Oberholtzer signed by I had nothing for him.  Brandon Barnes signed too, but I didn't recognize him since I forgot he switched from 39 to 2. Dave Tremblay also signed, but I had nothing left for him.  Doug Brocail came by but didn't sign at all.  I ran into a guy I see a lot there and he asked me if I wanted to head upstairs for Alan Ashby.  I figured I might as well, so we went up.  We got there just as they were about to start the pregame show but he signed for us when he finished, including three cards for me.  No sign of Geoff Blum or Steve Sparks though.  Unfortunately Alex Trevino apparently doesn't do road games either, but still, I'll take Ashby any day.

Brett Oberholtzer signs after batting practice
 Back down at the field, we still had little luck.  After Jarred Cosart made his way to the bullpen, Dennis Martinez came by-- the big one I was wanting!  He hesitated, and said "I really gotta get out to the 'pen, sorry."  0 for 2 on him now.  He's the big one I need, then I can put the Astros to bed.  Guess I'll be going for them again in September now.  Or I may just wait until next season and hope he's still there.

A tip of the ass-hat goes to Dave Clark.  Not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member from the Dave Clark Five, but rather the former Indians outfielder.  He was at the edge of the dugout, just standing there looking out at the field and I called "Mr. Clark!" out to him a couple times.  Even a girl behind me shouted "Coach Clark!" at which he at least gave a small wave.  He was standing there for a good 20 minutes and could have come over and signed for half the Ballpark.  Nothing.

Coach Dave Tremblay signing
 On the other hand, Chris Carter made up for Clark.  Carter stopped and chatted with Clark briefly and I called out "Chris, sign please?" He looked up at me, pointed to himself and mouthed, "Who, me?"  I nodded and he pointed to my hat with a sort of "Seriously?! What's up with that?" kind of look on his face as he pointed back at his Astros hat.  I had on my Rangers' hat from the giveaway tonight.  With a sheepish grin, I turned the hat around and shrugged.  He laughed and came over and signed all three cards I had with me. Players who sign are good and all, but those who interact with fans while doing it are the best.  Kudos to you, Chris Carter!

So I only made off with 8 sigs, but for a late-decided, light-on-the-preparedness outing, that's not too bad.  My ticket was free, I got a hat, I can't complain at all.

The mailbox has been paying dividends lately too.  Yesterday I got Ron Karkovice, 4 cards in 17 days.  Today brought in Ron Gant, 5 cards in 18 days.  So far I've gotten back 4 that I've sent since moving to Arlington.  Not too shabby at all.  I still have enough stamps to send out a few more as well.  Not sure who they'll go to.  I may save them for hockey season.  I have some Canadian ones too, and a letter that's ready to send to Sweden for Borje Salming.  We'll see.

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