Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hounding Report: Rangers Tunnel and Leonys Martin at Wal-Mart, August 31

I ended up not going to the game at all. With Mauer not traveling and Morneau getting traded, I only had two players I wanted badly-- Steinbach and Blyleven. Steinbach is gettable TTM for a $2 donation to his scholarship fund, and Blyleven will likely be announcing for quite a while, so I figure I'll wait until either there are more players I need or the weather is hopefully cooler. Maybe both.

The tunnel was largely a bust. Mitch Moreland stopped and signed all three cards I had of him. Nick Tepesch stopped too, but I had nothing for him.  Besides, a few days prior, he actually came to my work and signed photos for us all, so I got him already during the week.

I also biked over to Wal-Mart, as Leonys Martin was doing a free signing there. I got one of Andrew's cards signed. I could have gotten in line a second time, but didn't feel like pushing it.  Dealer Dad (Dallas people know who I'm talking about) did just that, and the LAST thing I want is to be associated with him in any way.

Also Chris hooked me up with a couple cards signed by Carlos Lezcano, who was in town earlier int he week as his team was taking on Grand Prairie.

Also due to weather, some changes in plans, and being tired from moving a couch on Sunday, I didn't go for Lincoln-Grand Prairie.  I had a ton of Ken Oberkfell cards and a David Espinosa, but it was hot outside and then rainy on Monday, so I didn't feel like 'graphing in that. Instead I took the train into Plano and picked up some cards for Stars hounding over the next few weeks.

Baseball season is starting to dry up. But that just means it's hockey time!

Speaking of hockey, I'll have a few more Boston 'graphing stories to come soon. Just been busy trying to prepare for hockey and sort the last 3-5000 cards that aren't yet boxed and in order.  It's all stuff I've recently bought or pulled and failed to get signed.

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