Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random score from the Dallas Stars!

It's been good to take a couple weeks off.  I skipped graphing the Rangers and their opponents just so I could take a break from it all before hockey season starts up this coming week. I hit up a couple garage sales to look for cheap cards and stocked up on Stars and Capitals via SportLots, but other than that, it's been time to myself.

As I stopped in to pay my rent today, the assistant manager told me that I have a package. I almost said "Yeahhhhhh I do," but I thought better of it.  It was a UPS bag with "RTS" written on it-- Return To Sender.  Fortunately she recognized my name and held it for me, knowing I'd be in to pay rent fairly soon.

The address was the Dallas Stars, and the reason it was RTS'ed was because they put the wrong apartment number on it (apparently my 3's look like 1's when I write them).  I opened it and inside was a 20th Anniversary puck signed by defenseman Trevor Daley.  Unfortunately the autograph is upside down, but still, this is pretty awesome.  No rhyme or reason for why they sent it, but they did it. It most likely was from putting my name in to have a shot at winning a jersey at the Training Camp and the September 15 preseason game. There were no other prizes listed aside from the jerseys they were giving away, but still, I'll quite gladly take it.

At worst, with the autograph being upside down, I can remove it and get it re-signed by Daley or someone else from last year's team.

Texas Rangers, take note: you're doing it wrong.

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