Monday, October 28, 2013

Got mail!

I haven't sent out many TTM requests this year. Most of it is out of sheer laziness. Working 7a-5p every day, then coming home, making dinner, talking to the wife (she's going to finally get moved here in February!), keeping the place (somewhat) clean, doing laundry (not often enough), playing floorball, and graphing in-person takes up a lot of my time.  Since moving to Arlington 7 months ago, I've only sent out nine requests, and only 23 in all of 2013.

On the positive side, they've been slowly returning to me successfully, with the most recent coming in today-- Walt Terrell. The former Tiger, Yankee, Pirate, and Met signed six of six cards through his home address in Kentucky in a little under three months.

The seven I've sent in 2013 and am still waiting on are Barry Zito, Randy Velarde, Robert Parish, Tatu (soccer, not the singers), Manny Ramirez, Mark Martin, and Don Beebe. The first four were sent in January in Wichita Falls, while the latter three were sent from Arlington in August.

There are also nine others I set in November 2012 that I'm waiting on: Brian Sutter, Rich Sutter, Troy Loney, Mark Price, Petr Klima, Alan May, Barret Jackman, Greg Adams, and Jose Vizcaino.

I still have a bunch of stamps, including some Canadian ones. Who should I send out to, readers? Give me your recommendations (though there's a good chance I've already sent to a lot of them).

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