Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hounding Report: Dallas Stars Practice, November 2

I've mentioned in previous entries that I'm trying to help out several other collectors around the country (and world) with stuff they're trying to get signed.  I was able to do a bit of that today.

I decided not to do pre-practice at all.  When I first looked, I would have been the only one there. My second look, I saw one collector I know (Phil) along with the aforementioned crook Andrew Miller and his family.  Not going there at all.

So after running out for a bit, I came back to try post-practice with limited success.  Being a travel day, a lot of players were going out the back door.  However, a number of players did come out the main way.

Trevor Daley was the first one out, signing the four cards I had of him (one goes to Paul Buxton and one to Nathan in Nova Scotia).  I switched to a blue Staedtler Lumocolor pen this week and love the results.  I think I'll be sticking to that from here onward.

Brenden Dillon signed all three I had as well (one for Eric in Rhode Island and one for Paul).

Unfortunately, Harri, I missed out on Rich Peverley for you.  I swear, he looks like the most generic hockey guy ever, so every time I see him I think "Great, it's a player, but who?  Is that Peverley?  Ehh, maybe..."  I'll get him for you eventually though.

Alex Goligoski and Dan Ellis walked out pretty much together, but fortunately they were spaced enough that I got both on four cards each.  Eric gets two Ellis and a Goligoski, Lee in Alabama gets a Goligoski, as do Gregg in Ohio and Nathan.

I also was able to aid Paul on a pair of his famous Rookie Index Cards.  For about ten years now (maybe more?), Paul has gotten just about every rookie on his special Rookie Index Cards, and so I was able to help him get Antoine Roussel and Valeri Nichushkin today for those efforts.  Nichushkin is a big hit, as he could possibly be sent back to the KHL.  It's an outside chance, but it could happen, and sometimes those guys will go back and not return to North America.

Antoine Roussel signs for a young fan
General Manager Jim Nill came out not long after, signing the two cards I had of him, followed by Ryan Garbutt signing two.

Sergei Gonchar was his usual awesome self, signing the four I had, two going to Kyle in Connecticut and one to Eric.

Unfortunately a lot went out the back way, so I missed out on guys like the Benn brothers and Kari Lehtonen. That's the tough part about travel days-- most will go straight to the bus without having to pass by the main exit.  The good news is if I'm able to go to their practice next weekend, it's not a travel day.

TOTALS: 25 autographs-- 10 for me, 4 for Paul, 2 for Nathan, 1 for Gregg, 1 for Lee, 5 for Eric, 2 for Kyle.

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  1. Hey Drew, I really appreciate your help with my RIC and the kind words about the collection. I've been working on the custom set since 2001-02 and have gotten a vast majority of the NHL to sign them over the years, and I have only altered the look of them subtlely over the years so they've got a classic feel to them.. I'm always playing catchup with the rookies from the most recent couple of seasons, but I'm down to just a handful each from years 2007-11. 2002-07 is complete.

    Thanks again and happy graphing!