Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Report From Elsewhere: Columbus Blue Jackets in Boston, November 13

Got our first guest spot on TGC!

My friend Peter in Boston went out for the Columbus Blue Jackets and we worked a sort of 50/50 deal.  He's starting to get back into the autographing game after a few years off for college and such and so I sent a bunch of cards up to him this past week.

Peter said the Blue Jackets were pretty good signers overall, but the hotel was tough.  Apparently this particular one, a new one that wasn't in use or even in existence when I lived there, won't let 'graphers on the property.

Everything Peter got signed today
Jared Boll, R.J. Umberger, Jack Johnson, James Wisniewski, Marian Gaborik, Ryan Murray, Derek MacKenzie, and Nikita Nikitin all stopped and signed, most doing multiples.  Gaborik as usual was one-per, but Murray, a former second overall draft pick, was willing to do multiples and even inscribe.  Johnson did 3 of Peter's 5 cards as well.

8x10s from Murray and Gaborik; look closely
on Murray's and you'll see he added "Second
Overall" to the top left of his sig
Headed my way are a pair from Johnson, plus one each from MacKenzie, Wisniewski, Boll, and Umberger.  One of the Johnsons is for my Rookie Class sets too.

Cards headed my way!
So once again, a big thanks to Peter, and hopefully we'll hear from him more throughout the season!

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