Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Rangers Failure

This past week-- Thursday, I believe-- the Rangers announced their annual Winter Caravan dates, times, places, and players.  Most of the time, the Caravan is a decent event for getting autographs. It used to make stops in Wichita Falls when I was there, as well as Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Waco, Tyler, and several in the Dallas area. If you had the ability to travel, you could get the vast majority of the team to sign for you.

No longer.

The team has indeed scheduled thirteen stops throughout the month, but the first thing that jumped out to me was the lack of a Wichita Falls date. I can guarantee you Arron and David are none too happy about this.

Second was the lack of different players. We're going to get to see eleven different players, two coaches, and six broadcasters in total. Of the ones I plan to possibly go to, I'll only miss out on one player, and four broadcasters from that list.

Third is the lack of top players. In the past, even guys like Hamilton, Young, and Kinsler did it while they were Rangers for at least one date.  This time,the biggest names are Mitch Moreland (who I can get anytime I want him anyway), Derek Holland (who signs, I just rarely go for the Rangers inside the Ballpark), J.P. Arencibia, and Matt Harrison.  I'm not asking for Darvish or even Fielder to show for this. But why not Beltre, Profar, Elvis, Choo, Martin, Rios, Feliz, Soria, or Soto?

I've had a lot of negative comments on the Rangers in 2013. Looks like they'll continue in 2014 as we see yet another stumble right out of the gate.

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