Friday, January 10, 2014

Rangers atone, and first trade of 2014

Looks like tomorrow's original plans will get changed a bit. I was going to do the Dallas Stars' practice, then hit the Rangers Caravan, and try to get to a possible N.Y. Islanders practice, but I'm thinking it'll just be the Caravan. The Stars are playing in New York tonight, so I have no idea why they hell they have a practice scheduled.  The Islanders might practice, but it would likely be at the same time as the Caravan.

The Rangers, meanwhile, atoned for an originally shitty Caravan lineup by adding Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar each to one. Additionally, with the untimely knee injury to Derek Holland, Elvis will be at tomorrow's event in Frisco.  Also added were Steve Buechele and Mark McLemore. Chris and I will be heading out there tomorrow for certain.

Anyways, the main reason for this entry was to post that the first trade of 2014 has been completed with Jeff in Ontario.  Jeff, whom I met on a Facebook autograph group, had a ton of set needs for me in my 2003-04 Choice AHL Top Prospects set and Upper Deck Rookie Class sets-- 29 additions in fact-- so we did a 29-for-29 trade. We agreed to it in December but thanks to the slowness of the USPS, Canada Post, and Customs, his end just now got to me today.  It was definitely worth the wait though.

As you see, on the right, the tracker has been updated for the start of 2014.  I only have one resolution for 2014: to hit 1500 net additions.  I did no hockey early last year and almost completely stopped TTM'ing, and still hit 1000 in 2013. I think 1500 is a challenging, yet reachable goal for 2014.

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