Monday, July 21, 2014

A trip to the failbox (with some successes as well)

I just noticed I didn't list my pair of RTS's. Or my most recent mailouts. Or my most recent successes.

I'm looking forward too much to the National. Mea culpa.

I got two back unsuccessfully so far.  Glenn Blackwood has indeed moved, as a friend warned me, and the short-lived Davey Lopes gravy train has come to an end-- the address was scratched out with Return to Sender written on it the other day.

A week ago, I mailed out another 20 requests. Mostly football this time around, I sent to Clarence Scott, Jamie Easterly, Ross Fichtner, Raymond Clayborn, Scott Bailes, Thane Gash, Bryan Wagner, Stevon Moore, Al Bumbry, Gerald McNeil, Cody Risien, Matt Stover, Mike Johnson, Doug Dieken, Dan Fouts, Frank White, Ron Kittle, Ken Schrom, Lary Sorensen, and Danny Wuerffel. As you can see, I mixed some baseball in as well. I still have enough stamps to send out another 30 requests.

I've also had a number of successes in the past couple of weeks. Don Cockroft signed two, Andre Thornton signed five, Ed Farmer signed five, Wayne Kirby signed four, Doug Dieken signed two, and Curtis Pride signed six. All on cards, none taking more than 5 weeks.

Not a bad week. Coming up, I'm going to go for the A's once or twice in Arlington this weekend, and I hopefully will mail out a few more autograph requests. A week from tomorrow, it's off to Cleveland!

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