Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hounding Report: Oakland A's. July 25 and several TTM's

A's have gone massively downhill as signers. I got Craig Gentry on three cards. That's it.  Wish I hadn't wasted my time and money.

On the positive side, the mailbox has been quite fruitful.  Copied from my thread on The Bench (it's late, I don't feel like retyping or editing)...

Jason Garrett, c/o Cowboys, 4/4, added in 4 pocket schedules, a team photo, and a copy of STAR Magazine, and returned my unused SASE. 5 weeks
Frank White, c/o KC T-Bones, 2/2, 9 days

Ross Fichtner, c/o home, 3/2, 10 days, added signed religious card...
Bryan Wagner, c/o home, 2/2, 10 days
Dan Fouts, c/o home, 3/3, 10 days

Scott Bailes, c/o home, 6/6, 11 days
Mike Johnson, c/o home, 6/6, 11 days
Lary Sorensen, c/o home, 4/3, 11 days, added a short note back thanking me for my letter

I'll be hitting the Rangers up tomorrow and Sunday and going for the A's again on Sunday as well.  Here's to hoping those are better.I'm sure I'll have at least one more write-up before The National begins on Wednesday afternoon.

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