Monday, July 28, 2014

Hounding Report: Rangers-A's, July 26-27, plus some TTM's

In my short-lived music career, it always seemed like the worse I screwed up a final rehearsal, the better the actual performance went.  Likewise, a good final rehearsal meant a shitty performance followed. It happened when I was in my high school's orchestra, it happened when I was a drummer in a punk band in college.  And hopefully this weekend's graphing exploits will be a harbinger of good things next week.

The A's were downright brutal.  One of the best signing teams in years past, I managed a whole six autographs from two players over two games.  Granted, I cut things short on Sunday so I didn't die of heatstroke. But still, it bordered on absolutely being pointless to have even gone.

Spoiler alert...
I will say what the weekend lacked in quantity was easily made up in quality. Saturday at the tunnel was decent. I finally got Pudge on a card I got in a 2014 Topps Jumbo Box two-box break I got in on with Corey Mansfield.  I'll post a photo of it later this week once I have a moment to move it off my phone.  It looks pretty awesome. I also got two from JP Arencibia, three from Colby Lewis, and three from Matt Harrison (two of which go to Chris).  Sunday I got no one at the tunnel and only Ray Fosse's three cards kept me from my first-ever shutout.  It was also 103 degrees at the airport that day, so you can imagine why I wouldn't stick around for long at field-level.

I was hoping to make a musical theatre pun here in reference
to Bob Fosse (no relation to Ray) but my mind went blank.
Hopefully these crappy results are an omen of a good week ahead in Cleveland.  In addition to the National, I plan to hit up the Mariners on Thursday, Rangers on Friday, and the Reds and Indians on Monday and maybe also Tuesday.  I also have a special event on Saturday night that hopefully will net me a few autos.

Plus there will be about 20 autograph signers that I'll be getting at the show itself.  I'm sure I'll have updates and a lot of photos throughout the week.

Meanwhile, back in the mailbox, I added former Browns Raymond Clayborn and Cody Risien. Each signed three cards for me after a 12-day wait.

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