Wednesday, July 30, 2014

National Sports Collectors Convention, Day 1

It's bad that I'm this tired and sore after a fairly short day. I'm finding out-- even at only 30-- that my dad was right: "Growing old ain't for sissies."

On the plus side, I got to meet up with a bunch of SCF people (BSEBALLCOMMISH75, loqtus, mlbfan85, palantri, jeeptrader, and doniceage), got a few autographs (11x14 photos of Billy Sims, Kevin Mack, Carlos Baerga, and Dale Murphy), got to stop in and see my people from Panini (shoutouts to Sharpie, Ivory, and Barr), and got to visit for a bit with Larry, one of my former 'graphing associates in Boston. I also got to chat a bit with other collectors.  My photos definitely caught a number of eyes and got a lot of questions and compliments.

Carlos Baerga, Dale Murphy, Kevin Mack, and Billy Sims
Unfortunately Denny McLean was a no-show.  At least he was the only one, and I only had a set card for him, and he was a last-minute addition anyway, so I lost nothing more than some time waiting in lines and some effort in pulling a card for him.

I'm planning on spending tomorrow and Friday just browsing tables and taking note on what to check out more thoroughly on Saturday and Sunday.  I think I have the timing pretty well down pat on when to jump into autograph lines so I don't wast time waiting around.  At least I hope I do.

I'm also going to pick up my first game-used piece for my Cory Snyder collection. I talked to a guy who has a bat of his and will sell it to me for $50.  Done and done.  Tomorrow evening, I'll be hitting up the Mariners for some 'graphing. I've already gotten them twice in Arlington, but who can't use another shot at Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez?

I'll also be in line for Howard Johnson, Andy Van Slyke, and Joe Delameilleure. I might even splurge on a photo of Rick Waits if his line is short enough.

It's been good so far. Here's to hoping it continues. I'll have more photos tomorrow.

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