Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hounding Report: Rangers Tunnel and Rangers Alumni, August 24

I had heard the Tunnel had dried up pretty well this season. Most of the time, only one or two newer guys (of whom I have zero cards) would stop. Fortunately I hadn't wasted my time.  But I'm glad I went today.

I was one of only four people there early when Shin-Soo Choo pulled in.  Choo has told people he doesn't usually stop unless there are five people or fewer.  He slowed down, scanned the crowd (?), and signed one each for us.  I told him that as a Cleveland native, it was GREATLY appreciated the way he left Cleveland and his comments after his trade to the Reds.

The cavalcade of tough signers stopping to sign continued as Neftali Feliz and Andy Hawkins each stopped and signed three cards.  So while only five total stopped (also Neal Cotts and Nick Tepesch) and only three I had anything for, it was my first time to get those three players.

Inside, I went down to the First Base gate again to see if I could get a few players before the signing began.  I was able to get DeWayne Vaughn and Donald Harris on a card each.  I then hit up the tables.  Ted Ford and Curt Wilkerson each signed four cards with Gerald Alexander signing a photo.  I then got Larry Hardy on two cards and Rudy Jaramillo and Tommy Moore each on a photo.  At the last table, I got Vaughn and Bill Stein each on a photo and German Duran on a card.  Chris and I swung by the press box hoping for Grieve, Gil, Guzman, Busby, and Rex Hudler, but the windows weren't yet open so we went to the Captain Morgan Club instead, where Mark McLemore signed four cards for each of us.

Not a bad day at all.  I hit my goal of 150 for the weekend.  I also got some cards from Chris as he got Jimmy Jones to sign a bunch in Frisco earlier in the week, six of which went to me.

SUNDAY TOTALS: 24 cards and 5 photos from 14 players.

WEEKEND TOTALS: 140 cards and 14 photos for me, 1 card for Mark in Chicago.

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