Monday, November 10, 2014

First baseball TTM success outside the lower 48

I've sent a few autograph requests outside the US, but they've all been hockey ones.  I've gotten them back from Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Hong Kong, but aside from those hockey successes, it's all been domestic.  Lower 48, at that.

This time, I got one back from Puerto Rico.  I got two cards of Juan Pizarro in the cards my dad gave me, and noticed he was in 1972 Topps as well, so after picking it up I sent off to him.  Just a shade over a month later, this came back.

The best lefty on the 1960 Milwaukee Braves not named Spahn or Brunet
I haven't been doing much 'graphing lately.  No TTMs, no IP outings, and actually just got back from a week in Europe. My high school French actually came in handy for a few hours in Corsica.  Most of our time was in Italy, along with a night in London on the way back.  It was way too short of a trip. Here's to hoping for more and longer trips in the future!

Un selfie près d'une église en Corse.
Je n'ai pas rasé dans quelques jours.

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