Sunday, February 8, 2015

Trades. Trades everywhere.

I haven't done as much trading the last couple of years as I used to. But for some reason, the bug hit me and in the span of a couple weeks, I pulled about 8 trades through various sites.

The first one was helping a guy in Florida on The Bench with his 2013 Topps Heritage project, sending an Elvis Andrus I got signed his way for a 2013 Mini 1972 signed by Matt Holliday. I've decided in addition to the 1972 set itself, I'm going to get as many in that design signed as I can-- so that's the 2013 minis as well as 50 cards in the 2013 Topps Archives set.

Next up was a deal with a guy in Pennsylvania, who had a bunch of Browns I didn't have as well as a Brooks Robinson and a Rick Wise for a couple sets I'm working on. So I made a deal with him on those.

I have a deal in progress with a Sabres fan who has a bunch of 2002-03 Topps Total signed cards I need. Hers just hit the mail this week.

I also sent out today a return of a 50/50 with Ross in Pennsylvania, as well as a massive trade with another guy out in Pennsylvania who has a ton of 1972 Topps cards I need.  I also had a bunch to cover the sets he's doing, so we're doing something like a 57-for-57 deal. At least that will knock out a bunch for that impossible feat. I'll still be a shade under 10% when they arrive.

I even made a couple of international deals. The guys I'm trading with didn't have anything for my sets, but I found a few things I like and I'm helping them out with their sets as well. I also contacted Mark in Chicago about the Ken Hill cards, and he'll have a trio of 1972s headed my way for those.

I skipped out on the TCU Alumni game today as I was feeling under the weather. Or more like "feeling like the weather ran my ass over with a truck." My throat felt like I had been force-fed a Brillo pad, and I sounded like Isaac Hayes. Looks like it went well from a few Facebook posts though-- Matt Carpenter was the big name there and he signed a bunch, as did Brandon Finnegan. Maybe I'll be able to go next year and do some 11x14 printing beforehand.

Hoping for a few Stars practices this month. Looks like February 28 is a possibility, though it's right between home games, so I could see that end up being an off day. March 14 is a possibility but could also end up as an off day as they play at Washington on the 13th, then at home on the 15th. Sundays have been days off this year but as we get closer to the playoffs, maybe March 22 or March 29. This year's schedule has really sucked for me. Here's to hoping I'll have some luck on baseball...

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