Monday, March 9, 2015

Mailing out, mailing in, let it begin

Sorry House of Pain. Really.

Anyways, I decided to get back to mailing out a few requests since I had a bunch of stamps and since all my trades had been completed (except one, as Marcel over in Sweden and I decided to make a second deal which I'll send out this week). So in the past few weeks, I've sent out 26 requests-- 22 baseball, 3 football, and 1 hockey,

BASEBALL: Davey Lopes, George Bell, Tony Oliva, Paul Molitor, Ferd Vina, Bill Mueller, Hal Morris, David Segui, Mike Lieberthal, Darren Daulton, Eric Soderholm, Mike Cameron, Alfredo Griffin, Greg A. Harris, Greg W. Harris, Al Hrabosky, Mike Fischlin. John Wathan, Frank Tanana, Ernie Whitt, Jerry Mumphrey, Xavier Hernandez

FOOTBALL: Abdul Salaam, Tom DeLeone, Oscar Roan

HOCKEY: Steve Sullivan

I've already gotten Lopes back, signing 1 of the 2 cards I sent. Fortunately, it was my Topps ATFF set card rather than the 1981 Donruss card.  I have set cards out to Bell, Oliva, Molitor, Salaam, and Sullivan and just randoms to the rest. I also pulled in one from a few years ago-- Karl Mecklenburg took 4 years to return to me (sent in January 2011, received in Wichita Falls in February 2015, and arrived from my mother-in-law's forwarding in March).

That's my big paranoia right now: that some of these guys will take a couple years to sign and I will have moved by then. I've had a few that have taken years besides Mecklenburg, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.

Just as an aside, the longest waits besides Mecklenburg's 1488 days: Ben Oglivie (1481 in 2014), Terry Pendleton (1140 in 2011), Joe Kocur (962 in 2012), Tim Wallach (940 in 2011), and Brendan Morrow (827 in 2009).

Shortest waits: Lyle Blackwood (3 days in 2014 and 5 days in 2012) and Judd Garrett (5 days in 2013).

Hoping to hit the Stars-Blues alumni pre-game event on Sunday, and doubly hoping for a Saturday practice but not betting on it happening. It says John Wensink is supposed to be there for the Blues Alumni and I need him pretty badly.  Belfour and Turco as well-- here's to hoping I can start on my Stars' Winningest Goalies puck. I have a 20th anniversary puck that I want those two and Kari Lehtonen all on.  At the very least, I want Belfour on it. Maybe I'll get REALLY lucky and not only will there be a practice but the alumni will skate in Frisco Saturday as well. Again, I wouldn't bet on it, but I'll be prepared and hopeful.

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