Sunday, March 22, 2015

Falling behind

Several TTMs have found their way back to me since the last time I posted anything (which I believe was when I sent them out), plus I've had an IP outing as well. Let's get down to business...

First up, the TTMs...

Mike Cameron, 4/4, 7 days
Al Hrabosky, 6/3, 8 days (even signed the cards I told him to keep)
Hal Morris, 2/2, 12 days
Fernando Vina, 4/4, 13 days
Abdul Salaam, 2/1, 11 days (enclosed his own photo)

The lone IP outing I had was the Stars and Blues alumni at the AAC. Not big names, but I did knock out a set card. Most also included their signed promo photo as well.

Brent Severyn, 4/4
Dan Blackburn, 4/3
Landon Wilson, 4/3
Steve Dykstra, 1/0
John Wensink, 4/3 (set card!)
Blake Sloan, 1/0
Larry Patey, 1/0
Stu Barnes, 4/3
Shawn Chambers, 5/4
Al Secord, 4/3
Terry Yake, 4/3
Marty Wakelyn, 2/0 (one for Corey in New York)
Greg Adams, 5/4

Also I saw everyone's favorite scammer/forger, Andrew Miller. He didn't appreciate being called out.

I had to miss the Blackhawks yesterday. I didn't want to take the time to pull cards, it was raining or at least threatening to rain most of the day, the apartment needed cleaning, and I had to drop off the floorball goalie equipment in Flower Mound at 1. Looks doubtful that there will be any weekend practices the rest of the season. I'm hoping though that if the Stars miss the playoffs they'll do exit interviews the day after the final game-- a Sunday. I'm kind of doubting it though.

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