Monday, March 23, 2015

A trade and a TTM walk into a mailbox...

... and there's no punchline. Comedian fail.

Anyways, a while back (December 2013 to be exact) I mailed a bunch of cards off to Russ Crowell to get signed for me by Bruins' Alumni members.  Today, 44 cards came back signed, including a pair of Ken Linseman cards for sets I'm doing. For the ones he couldn't get, he added in address where I can try them via mail, which I just may do next time I buy some stamps.

Along with Linseman, there's Rick Middleton, Bob Sweeney, Bob Beers,
John Carter, Bruce Shoebottom, David Shaw, Ken Hodge Jr., Tim Sweeney,
Terry O'Reilly, Guy Larose, Dan Lacouture, and Rich Brennan
Here's to hoping I can go to Stars' Training Camp this season, as I definitely owe Russ a few items in exchange for this.

Speaking of mailing, I also got another TTM request back.  Xavier Hernandez signed six cards for me in 2 weeks through his home address.

X gon' give it to ya... or give six to ya in this case.

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