Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A few TTMs

Finally getting around to hitting the mailbox again. Since I didn't get to travel to Cleveland for a victory parade, I'm going to put some money into mailing out a crapton, including my first few to guys who charge.  I've seen a few set needs signing for reasonable prices so I'll likely send a few their way (Wade Boggs, Andre Dawson, Garry Templeton, Lee Smith, Bret Saberhagen, Terry Steinbach, Al Kaline, Kent Hrbek, Bill Mazeroski, Jerry Grote, Robin Swoboda, Vida Blue, and Tito Fuentes all sign for under $10). There are also a few hockey players who sign in Europe that I wouldn't mind trying with a few bucks tossed in for return postage-- Roman Turek, Jiri Dopita, Janne Laukkanen, Lubos Bartecko, Roman Cechmanek, and Tommy Salo-- as well as a few Canadians like Anson Carter.

I did mail out a few in the past couple of weeks and have gotten some back already. Dallas Green came back in 8 months through the Phillies-- he signed four cards (smeared as it appears he used a black roller-ball pen on them) as well as a signed advertisement for his book. Bobby Shantz and Frank Malzone each took a week via their home addresses. Each signed a 1962 Topps card as well as the index card I added to help protect it a bit. And to add in another hockey set hit, Randy McKay signed four cards in 10 days through his home address in Michigan.

I've also added in a few set needs from a friend of mine, Marcel, over in Sweden. He was able to get Topps Total cards signed by a few guys who are now there, including a big hit in Nicklas Lidstrom. I'm down to 59 cards I need to finish it off.

I also mailed out to Vitali Yachmenev, Mike York, and Rudolph Giuliani on June 12, followed by Al Downing, Turk Wendell, and Tony LaRussa on June 23. If Yachmenev, York, and the aforementioned Europeans and Canadians I want to try all come back successful, I'll be down to 50 on Topps Total.

I haven't hit many Rangers games but plan to change that soon. D-Backs, Padres, and Astros are all on the upcoming docket.

Anyone got any players I should try mailing to? Not necessarily set needs, but just anyone in particular. Leave me a comment and I might give them a try!

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